Wonder Cave Launches its “Delivery Assurance” Solution

Wonder Cave is excited to announce the launch of its “Delivery Assurance” solution, anchored by two features: Health Check and Tripwire. These groundbreaking features give organizations unprecedented confidence that their text campaigns will make it to their audiences after clicking send.   Wonder Cave clients have the ability to see and act on blocks encountered before and during campaign deployments in order to reach the highest deliverability rate possible! 

What is the Health Check?

The Health Check gives users the ability to test if their messaging content will run into any deliverability issues in real-time before the full campaign is deployed.  If the Health Check detects an issue, the user is immediately alerted and provided with the reason for failure.  As a result, users can make the necessary changes to the content to avoid delivery failures at a large scale. 

Since organizations can customize the recipients of Health Check sends, the feature also serves as a way for users to deploy a real-world test to review the message on a handset and confirm how it will appear to their audiences.

What is the Tripwire?

While the Health Check gives users command and control on the front end, the Tripwire serves as the safety net once campaigns are in-flight.  The Tripwire gives users the ability to set a delivery threshold, and anytime a campaign’s delivery rate dips below the threshold the feature will automatically halt the campaign and alert the Wonder Cave support team.  Wonder Cave’s experts then work to identify the issue, take corrective action, and ultimately ensure the remaining messages are successfully delivered.

Send with confidence

With the launch of its Delivery Assurance solution, Wonder Cave now combines the peer-to-peer text messaging industry’s fastest send speeds with unmatched delivery performance!  These features have already impacted hundreds of thousands of client messages, flipping would-be failure scenarios into successful audience engagements.  

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