Wonder Cave Partners with Non-Profit Organizations

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting solutions have brought about a significant shift in the way companies and organizations approach their audiences. While the P2P industry has largely been associated with political entities, its potential to benefit in other areas is on the rise. Wonder Cave continues to be leading the efforts around helping organizations of all types utilize mobile messaging to reach their audiences. One market segment that has benefitted from Wonder Cave’s solutions is the non-profit space. 


Non-profit organizations are constantly focused on fundraising and engagement to support their efforts to deliver their mission and make the greatest impact, and traditional methods utilized include direct mail donations, grants, and in-person events.  However, these methods can be time-consuming, costly, and result in very low engagement rates.  This is where P2P messaging technology comes into play.  In recent months Wonder Cave has partnered with a natural disaster relief charity and a military veteran support organization to help them meet their goals and support their community:


The natural disaster relief charity’s mission was to serve meals to displaced victims from the massive earthquakes that devastated southern Turkey & northern Syria. This organization called on Wonder Cave to help with the fundraising efforts.  Through Wonder Cave’s messaging platform, over 2 million messages were rapidly deployed at a 98% deliverability rate and resulted in $400,000 of donations that allowed the organization to deliver countless meals to the local population in need. 


The military veteran support organization serves to support deployed service members by helping provide the physical and mental support they deserve throughout the year and especially during the Holiday season.  Again, Wonder Cave’s technology was called upon to increase donor engagement.  During a month period, over 100,000 messages were deployed at a 98% deliverability rate, resulting in a huge spike in website activity and signups and over $71,000 in funds raised. 


As you can see, partnering with Wonder Cave to take advantage of P2P text messaging technology helps organizations of all types meet their goals.  We strive to continue to diversify and enhance our technology so that it can benefit all types of organizations. As more industries latch on to this technology, we strongly believe it will revolutionize the way companies of all types engage their audiences. We take pride in our work and are excited that our platform can make a lasting impact across the globe!  


To find out more about how we can help you today, please visit us at www.wondercave.co